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Doble Vida Discos: the story behind the great small records

DOBLE VIDA DISCOS is a new Barcelona-based label born with the sole intention of releasing glorious, pure, intense music played, written and published for all the right reasons. The format we’ve chosen to release all our records is 7” vinyl, the perfect vehicle to spread the word of pop. To define and multiply the emotion, we’ve decided to publish only split singles (hence the Double Life moniker): in each seven inch single, two bands -one Catalan or Spanish, the other foreign- will share opposite sides, reinforcing and complementing each other. Both will be chosen for sound affinity, or shared ideas, or common direction, and linked together for the general good and your aural pleasure.

DOBLE VIDA DISCOS is an independent entity which operates under the literal definition of the word “independence”: a DIY, self-sufficient, community-based and unavoidably non-profit organization which is glued together with passion, a love for the songs and the format that holds them.

So it prays our fundational manifesto and couldn’t it be more precise on our intentions on the label. A small project born for the likes of six vinyl lovers for whom the label became a dream came true. Who hadn’t the idea of forming a music label in its teenage? After reading the stories of fellow labels as Sarah, K Records, Cherry Red, Elefant, Whaaam!, Creation, Rough Trade, and many many more. After falling in love with any of their releases.

I still remember the day Quique told me… we have a project and we need your help. I still I don’t understand how I said ‘No’ before he explained the project. Got no time, sorry. Too busy lately. Shame on me! When he finally told me the project I couldn’t believe it. ‘Hell yes! I want to be part of the label!’ I was about to cry from happiness. The idea was beatiful, the splits, the national and the international, the bands we wanted to reach, the way they wanted to do it… the name! Everything packed and ready to start up. And the people involved in the project were best mates.

Well, sentimentalism apart. We started back in 2008 and since the we’ve been able to release two wonderful records, two masterpieces high appreciated by people and press. We worked on the records as we would have wanted to buy them. From vinyl lovers to vinyl lovers. So far the releases we had were Extraperlo/The Ruby Suns (2009) and Hello Cuca/Comet Gain (2010). Quite a few for two years running the label, but people you must know: if you care it takes longer.

It’s been hard work to keep self sustained (we pay a single with the earnings of the last and the parties) it’s a chering sensation. We’ve had amazing benefit parties with great bands playing: Comet Gain, Extraperlo, Ruby Suns, Fred i Son, Nueva Vulcano, Biscuit, No band in Berlin, Senderos,… And the bands to come!

Anyway we continue with our tasks and a third single is on their way, soon to be announced. Keep an ear open for the good news. Doble Vida Discos is here for good!

Check the website! We may still have some copies available! www.doblevidadiscos.com


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