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Live: Daniel Higgs @ Heliogàbal

I’ve been taking pictures of concerts for six years so far. I’ve never used an analog camera as I already started using digital.

I thought always about the incredible handicap of having a small amount of shots where you cannot control light, focus or expressions. Or at least you don’t have the chance to review your work and reduce the mistakes done on the pictures.

Well, then I’m at the Heliogàbal, which is my favourite venue for seeing small format concerts in Barcelona, and I’m just two meters away from Daniel Higgs. This songwriter looks like he just came out of a movie with his big beard, his tatoos and all the expressions he makes. It was too beatiful, but too easy for a digital camera, I could have had a hundred of marvellous pictures.

Instead I decide to work as with an analog camera: I will shot just one picture on each position, no option to see the results. Each time I decide to take a picture I will have to change position, focus, lenses, or whatever that could make of this a different picture.

Then I shot 15 pictures in a concert of nearly 90 minutes. Some of them took me more than one song just waiting for the exact moment where I think the picture was.

Results are so overwhelming that I felt that this set should be published as is. No photoshop, each of the pictures revealed as they were taken.

Sometimes we have to make ourselves feel again the handicaps and the difficulties of things that became easy and common with new technologies. Now I’m even more ready to shot with analog, but I’m more capable to shot responsably with my digital.

Because when you see the results of ten instead of hundred, each picture takes more value, becomes again precious.

And then this is how I became proud again of my own work.

Lenses used: 28mm 2.8/ 50mm 1.8


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