© 2010 Dani Cantó Pablo Diaz Reixa El Guincho Heliogabal Portrait

Portrait: Pablo Díaz-Reixa a.k.a. ‘El Guincho’

  • Who? Pablo Díaz-Reixa a.k.a. El Guincho
  • Place: Heliogàbal (Barcelona)
  • Date: July 2007
  • Camera: Canon EOS 350D
  • Link: El Guincho

It may not be the best portrait of Pablo but surely it may be one of the first as it was taken after the very first concert of El Guincho at the Heliogàbal. I was invited by a friend in common, Cristian Subirà, and I cannot thanks enough the invitation. I stood a couple of meters besides Pablo and as he was playing some of the sticks of the table he used as a drum where hitting my face.

I was in shock, completely trapped by the songs of ‘Foliás’ en the near to be released and worldly acclaimed ‘Allegranza’. I was so impresed that I asked Pablo to take a shot after the gig, even though we were both sweating and exhausted. I knew, somehow, I had to take this picture for posterity. I wasn’t wrong after all.


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