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Review: In The City Manchester Festival 2010: Day 2 & 3

I know I may not hurried to get the second (and third) half of this particular story of the 2010’s In The City. Let’s say it takes long to digest so much information. Seventeen bands in three days are not much on a big festival, but here it makes more than a band per hour. Not bad.

Looking at the schedule it looked like Thursday was the big last day. The day were all briges would be burnt, with performances of HEALTH and hypers Mount Kimbie. But the day would start quiet with post punk Fiction band, a cliché band of Foals look-a-likes that couldn’t make it to impress besides some basslines and a couple of melodies. Calories, at the Night & Day, suffered the no public syndrome and vaguely afford to play their mix of power pop/punk pop with a single smile or the attitude this music deserves.

D/R/U/G/S ain’t a subtle name when you play hyperactive dubstep and turn an eight-PM concert into an intelectual rave, and you get the Band on the Wall trembling to its structure for as long as a thirty minute performance last. Good sons of Mount Kimbie who two hours laters would take a step with a much packed room of curious fan and hyper public.

But did I spent those two hours on a beers? Certainly not as I got the chance to see Stricken City at the Ruby Lounge, perfect new band for lovers of the Fiery Furnaces and the early Florence & the Machine. And yet the big thing, the first spanish band to play at Manchester, the vasque fellas Crystal Fighters, whom fucked the place up with their astonishing live act. Though their music has some lacks sometimes (some chorus) and the tendancy to fake that world-music rumba on some songs, they may get lots of buzz in the near future.

I said before that for Friday all bridges were burnt. It doesn’t mean there were nothing else to see, don’t fool me, but the great names were gone. A wandering around trying to trust the shor info on the bands took us first to Blue on Blue at Nexus Art Cafe. Gosh! they were about eighteen yers old but plaid good shoegaze, even though they had to battle a couple of sound problems and a guitar that failed for three songs letting the bass to overdrive the melodies. Then the enjoyable youngsters of Standard Fare with their nineties melodies much on the Pixies-Breeders side of the decade.

Two of my new (or not that new) favourites band were there then to finish my first, hope not last, edition of In the City. The first, Spectrals, has became a top fav since I saw them supporting Summer Camp at the Deaf Institute. It’s melodies and a like for the sixties (Wilson/Hazzlewood) make these last american indie pop bands look like a bunch of noisemakers. And the long awaited, long announced: Mujeres, really good fellas from Barcelona (you can see pics of them on this site) that shaked the dark lighted Umbro Studio. I’ve seen them at least six times, but this time after a month away, even made me feel homesick, with only myself to go hooligan and crazily dance to their garage rock ultra fast themes.

A good and fast ending for a great and short festival, after all.


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