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Blog: The (Not) Definitive Guide to Manchester’s In The City 2010

It hasn’t been easy. I think I’ve heard 90% of the near 300 bands that will play during these three next days at In The City Festival and I finally think I might make up my mind. It’s not that I could manage to see the whole band, but these are the bands I recommend to see if you’re attending as well.

I would have pictures uploaded of every day of the festival, so please keep coming back for pictures an review of the bands

Wednesday 13th

No Age// Male Bonding// Young British Artists// Oh No Ono// Dog is Dead// Mazes// T3ETH// Stealing Sheep// Tim & Sam’s Tim & Sam Band// Fiction// Still Corners// Chapter Sweetheart// This Many Boyfriends// Dry the River// Electricity in our Homes// Seerauber Jenny

Thursday 14th

Mount Kimbie// Sky Larkin// HEALTH// Egyptian Hip Hop// Crystal Fighters// Kisses// Stricken City// Rum Sheeben// Spernovas// Planet Earth// Songs for Walter// My First Tooth// Lissi Dancefloor Disaster// Ex Lovers// Hey Zeus// Dinner Party// Calories

Friday 15th

Yuck// Glasser// Mujeres// American Men// Spectrals// Beat the Radar// Flash Fiktion// The Sun Electric Band// Porcelain Raft// The Bewitched Hands// Standard Fare// Blue on Blue

You can check the bands and the festivals at www.inthecity.co.uk


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