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Obsessed with: Creation Records Singles 01-75

Tonite Barcelona is celebrating the screening of Creation Records’ ‘Upside Down’ Documentary at the In-Edit Beefeater Music Documentary Festival. There will be an afterparty with Xavi Roses (Fred i Son/Coach Station Reunion/Epic Kind) playing acoustic covers and Doble Vida Dj’s (Miqui & Quique) and Txuso (¡Pelea!) would remember the heritage of the label.

I intended to pay my own homage with a playlist of my favourite Creation tunes on Spotify, but then discovered most of the important band are not on the supposed to be biggest music database. I wanted to remember the songs by the Pastels, Biff Bang Pow, Nikki Sudden, The Times, BMX Bandits, Teenage Fanclub, Felt, Lilac Time, House of Love, Momus, Primal Scream, Shop Assistants, that many bands that meant so much and help me configure my taste in music. The label that started everything for most of the people that were born in the early 80s (though I did not discovered it until the mid 90s).

Lucky me while doing my research I found this amazing Mixcloud with all the singles the label released through its existence. A good way to get introduced and a must listen even for long time fans of the Alan McGee record label.


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