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Live: Tennis @ The Lexington, London

  • Band: Tennis (Fat Possum, USA)
  • Support: Elephant, Lonely Galaxy
  • Venue: The Lexington, London
  • Date: 07/01/2011
  • Link: Tennis, Tennis on Flickr (set)
  • It was time to confirm the first hype of the 2011. There’s not so many chances to be one of the first in Europe to see if the band everyone is talking about is enough good or is just blog bullshit talking.

    So we went, for the fourth day in a row, to the Lexington to see the first ever abroad gig of Tennis. A sold-out night days before the gig. The band were amazed, nervous about the expectation and happy ’cause it was the same day of the international launch of their first album, Cape Dory. Obviously, when they start playing half of the people up front knew every word and every song.

    Least to say the comparisons with Best Coast are only remote. Both play indie pop with rough guitars and PhilSpector-esque melodies, but let’s say that there’s a million bands that have that sound. In fact, Best Coast it’s just the easy choice, but their sound reminds sometimes to the bands on that American prom balls, the ones that will feature on a John Hughes film.

    Candid, funny, adorable and perfect they seem the couple of an old time America. Just like The Carpenters (without being brothers), married after their high school years, singing songs about their days in their boat (called Cape Dory BTW). Preppy? Don’t think so, simply old-fashioned. But who cares about fashion when you’re claiming for bands playing Beach Boys inspired tunes?

    Gig was perfect though short as they hadn’t enough songs to play, they did their entire debut album plus a couple of covers, including one by Brenda Lee. If they play around your city don’t miss them, the hype could be a bit exaggerated, but it’s definetely thumbs up for Tennis.


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