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Video: Darren Hayman & the Secondary Modern play January Songs – Nothing At All (live)

Long time indie pop hero Darren Hayman started this January 2011 with a proposal that, unlike other like quitting cigarrettes or losing weight, demonstrates his will and his creativity.

For a whole month his recording a new song per day, collaborating with musicians, producers, photographers and creative people. As he release the song other people are invited to contribute with photos or videos inspired by the song, and obviously recorded through that day.

As he was playing on January at the Fortuna Pop!’s (Not) The Track & Field Festival at the Lexington in London, he decided to record the song live. The title for this #6 was ‘Nothing At All’.

I know I could have contributed with a better video, but I only had my iphone and my newly installed Vintage 8mm App.

Well, at least I’ve tried. Enjoy.

You can listen and watch the videos at the January Songs Tumblr januarysongs.tumblr.com/​

Check out my brand new Vimeo Channel for new videos quite soon.


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