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Found Pictures: Strange Table Set on Yellow #1


  • Camera: Olympus mju-1
  • Film: Digi3 400ISO Colour
  • Author: Unknown

A week ago I found on a Thrift store an Olympus mju-1 (35mm/3.5) in pretty good condition. I’ve been looking for long for this camera and this seem the perfect opportunity so I asked the price (5€) and bought it without further questions.

It came with a 400ISO roll on it and it seemed new as the counter was on 1. Took some pictures and after 10 or 12 pictures (out of 24) the roll stopped and rewinded. Was it broken? Not really, it seems it was prerolled in this camera or any other and when developing I found 4 pictures, mostly overexposed, torn and non sense at all.

But with this ghostly appearances of a living room and an older woman, few questions comes to mind, about the author, the moment, the time (this camera could be up to 20 years old) so I decided to pay homage and show this picture of forgotten homescapes and people who’ll never had the chance to see their images developed.

To you, unknown photographer.



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