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From the archives: G@leria Web ADN

On July 2010, the spanish ADN Newspaper offered me the chance to be part of their Web Photo Gallery. I could show my work with complete freedom of choice. Even though I liked the idea, to chose the pictures wasn’t as easy as I first supposed, and took me a while as I thought I may choose the best, the newest, my portraits or the artistic job.

At the end I had a look at my old stuff and decided that the best way I could show my music pictures was the Old School way. ‘I’m gonna do a mixtape’, I said, so every picture will belong to a song and they will be ordered as the songs on a tape. The bands on this mix? Only spanish bands of the underground, the bands that I liked best.

So this is what they wrote about me on their newspaper’ small intro:

PORTRAITS OF THE UNDERGROUND. ‘Dani Cantó has been portraiting the Barcelona Music Scene for the last five years. Even though he covers the big festivals, he belongs to the smallest venues and the ‘DIY’.

And these are my words as published along the pictures:

‘In the information era we’re told that everything can be listened to, everything is known, nothing goes out of notice. But there’s a scene that sounds out of radar, born in bars, basements turned into venues or early hours on festivals. This is an homage to all of them that, on the shadows, have given some of the best songs of this year. A portrait of small big heroes through the music they create. A set that works as an authentic mixtape. Same as it ever was.’

And the Mixtape (sorry, links to Myspaces, not downloadable songs)

1.- Fred I Son – L’arc de Sant Martí

2.- Kokoshca – La Fuerza

3.- Punsetes – Tus Amigos

4.- ¡Pelea! – En Madrid

5.- Mujeres – Blood Meridian

6.- The Lions Constellation – The end of our days

7.- Aias – Aias

8.- Mittens – Our Last Party

9.- La Brigada – El Futur de l’Art

10.- Me & the Bees – Patente

11.- Capitán – El Arenal

Finally, you can have a look at the Gallery Pictures…


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