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Review: In The City Manchester Festival 2010: Day 1

So, Day 1 of the Manchester In the City Festival has passed. An I might say as a stranger in Manchester the ambient of the festival both amazing and strange. The 15 venues are only half a mile far from each other what means there’s about 100 concerts going on at a single neighbourhood. Too much too handle.

Even though my expectations were to see about 10 to 15 I only could make it to the half, so chosing the bands became the bigger issue of the day. From watching the Mogwai’s ‘Burning’ live documentary at Nexus Art Cafe to coming back on the latest bus, Wednesday 14th was all about to chose.

Like, trying not to see any bands I had seen before, as No Age (people said they were amazing). I started with two small bands Advances in Mathematics and Patterns. Experimental music from Mogwai to Foals, interesting enough but not fresh enough. Look like these guys can do better in the near future, but meanwhile their performance at Common Bar was good but not more than average.

And along came the noise at Night & Day, the bar curated by Drowned in Sound, where Mazes did maybe the best performance of the whole day. They got me quite impressed with their noise pop and their amusing live performance. But dismiss all melodies, ’cause when Male Bonding got on stage hardly a word was left to understand. With a noisy almost hardcore concert I asked myself if ot was the venue or the band to blame for the bad sound conditions. Too much strength for such a small splace, maybe.

And knowing I may skip No Age, the end of the festival was a short wandering watching Oh No Ono at Mint Lounge, Dry the River at Band on the Wall and Still Corners at Ruby Lounge, but haven’t been able to stay more than a half an hour in each, though i regretted with Dry the River, a good mixture of Americana and pop, on the likes of Port O’ Brien, Felice Brothers or a poppier Bruce Springsteen. Introduced by the BBC (‘they will delight your earbuds’ so the speecher said) they will sure get more atention soon by the media. And the last candy, Still Corners, announced as an ambiental twee band that soon turned to bee a mix of Camera Obscura (on ketamine) and Tracey Thorn or EBTG, the early ambiental albums of Sarah Records, bands as St. Cristopher, Felt or Strawberry Story.

And now, it’s time to get to work again. New Bus, same venues, new bands and the first spanish band to play at In the City: Crystal Fighters.


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