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Live: Edwyn Collins @ Primavera Club 2010 (Barcelona)

  • Band: Edwyn Collins (Heavenly/UK)
  • Event: Primavera Club 2010 (Barcelona)
  • Venue: Sala Bikini, Barcelona
  • Client: Primavera Club
  • Date: 25/11/2010
  • Link: Official pics of Frankie Rose & Edwyn Collins
  • Those who may have followed this blog through this last week may already know I previously saw Edwyn Collins at the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool. Well, obviously it’s hard to compare yesterday’s gig to the one on the Uk for its exclusiveness, and for not being ‘my first’, but have to confess as well that I enjoyed as I’d enjoy any future gig by Edwyn.

    With a setlist almost copied from Liverpool there were few surprises left but enjoy of watching the gig on a standing venue, dancing with the songs, singing together with my long-time friend Xavi Sanchez. Commenting every word, movement, smile, guitar. Sharing what Edwyn, and Orange Juice, meant in our lives. I regret I’d be only able to see two of the four gigs I pretended to see (Manchester, Liverpool and 2x Barcelona), but I know there will be lot more opportunities to see him live, Edwyn has a lot more to offer, and we, fans, no longer have to resign ourselves to sing along to the albums on the loneliness of our rooms.

    ps: I’ll say it over and over again, but we should start the William Collins’ official Fan Club ;D


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