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Obsessed with: Edwyn Collins – 50 Shades of Blue

  • Singer: Edwyn Collins
  • Song: 50 Shades of Blue
  • Album: Hope And Despair
  • Label: Setanta
  • Year: 1989

Today it’s finally the day. More than two months looking forward to this day, almost a life for this concert. I’ll have the chance not only to see one of my favourite songwriters of all times, Edwyn Collins, but to see him in maybe the best gig ever! A gig to remember as promoters told me. Edwyn Collins will be playing at the massive Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool, come on I dare any promoter to beat that place!

I struggled to get the tickets, wich I finally got yesterday (even though all my hopes were lost). Ever since I got my tickets there’s a song in my head: ’50 Shades of Blue’ song that appeared on the Edwyn Collins solo debut Album ‘Hope And Despair’. A happy song, a absolute footstomper, a song that stucks into your head and make you smile for a day no matter what the rest is shit.

Hope he plays the tune, no matter it’s a seated concert I may stand up in dance on my blue suit.


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