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Portrait: Wild Honey (Band, MAD)

‘Every night is a Bingo Night’ and this was certainly one of those. Long-time friends Wild Honey were playing at The Cinema Museum as part of the Music Program on the Spanish Arts Festival Spain Now, celebrated throughout the mont of November in different venues in London. We couldn’t attend the whole festival, but Wild Honey’s gig was the perfect excuse for a weekend trip to London.

Though the Arty-Party turned to be a bit odd with naked performancers hanging around and eating the few served canapes (not many spanish by the way) the place was magnificent. One time a Workhouse for the poor people of the end of the 19th Century (and grownplace for Charles Chaplin) the place holds all kinds of cinema memorabilia from the 40’s to the 70’s: Magazines, Posters, Cinema programs, Costumes and so on.

As Old Cinema fans, Guillermo and I couldn’t escape the temptation of taking a few snaps on the corridors on the very few time we had before the concert. We had some laughs and I struggled because of the poor light condition, but the pictures ended up quite nice and are a beatiful souvenir of The place of souvenirs.

If you would like to see pics of the concerts you can follow this link to Flickr.


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